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Amazon Headquarters

You may have heard that Amazon is looking to build another full-sized campus on this side of the country and DC is in the running. The city has proposed four sites for the large-scale project to include a location in Anacostia, one in NoMa, Capitol Hill East, and one in Shaw near Howard University. While we won’t know for some time whether we’ve been chosen, it’s a bit like putting in a bid to host the Olympics: we have to offer the online behemoth some pretty enticing options in order even to be considered.

So far, we’ve located 16.9 million square feet of potential office space on the Anacostia riverfront:

While it would be a bit more spread out, the city has identified 12.6 million square feet of office space in NoMa, much of it near Union Market:

Capitol Hill East is offering 8.1 million square feet of office space with primarily new construction between Independence Avenue and the the Anacostia River:

Finally, there are 6 million square feet of available space in Shaw near Howard University. While it’s the tightest squeeze, it’s the only proposed spot in Northwest DC.

If Amazon chooses the District for its new campus, no matter where it’s located, it will have a huge impact on housing. We’re already battling low inventory and a huge influx of Amazon employees isn’t going to help the situation. However, with low supply and high demand, it might do great things for property values if you already own your home.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a million bucks to buy a house in DC. If you think it’s the right time to invest in a home, you know who to call!