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First Comes a Home, Then (Maybe) Love and Marriage

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Many Planning First Home Purchase, but Persistent Homebuying Myths Hold Back Others Millennials are straying from the norm as they redefine life’s priorities. A new survey released today finds that 23- to ...

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Premium Pricing with Prosperity Home Mortgage

Are you interested in lender paid closing costs? Increase tax deductions? Reduced appraised value risk? As we all know, it goes without saying that receiving a great rate is extremely important, but without receiving proper education and gui...

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What’s a Woonerf?

According to Wikipedia, "A woonerf (Dutch pronunciation: [??o?n?rf]) is a living street, as originally implemented in the Netherlands and in Flanders. Techniques include shared space, traffic calming, and low speed limits." Why do you care what...

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TOPA Triumph

On Tuesday, April 10th, the DC Council passed a bill that would exempt single-family homes from TOPA (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act) provisions. Originally, the law was designed to protect tenants from being displaced by landlords who plan...

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Pricey Condo Re-sale

A condo in Georgetown sold in February for a whopping $8 million making it the most expensive second sale of a condo in the district. With Potomac River views overlooking Arlington, the 6,100 square-foot luxury condo located in the Ritz-Car...

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Credit Score Insight

While it's important to have and use credit to keep your credit score in good shape, you have to also make sure you're on top of your open lines of credit. With all of the transactions and bills we pay online these days, it's easy to lose track...

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Hyperloop Hype

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has released a preliminary route for the Hyperloop that is planned to whisk travelers from Washington to Baltimore in about 15 minutes. They anticipate the construction to take one to two years to complete which m...

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Where To Starter Home

The District's unique real estate marketplace can make finding a starter home more difficult for some people than in other places in the country. A starter home for our purposes is defined as a home that costs less than $560,000 (well above...

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