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Going, Going, Gone!

We don't discuss it much, but the District's real estate market is really quite different from the rest of the country's. When I travel, I notice Realtors' ads boasting that they have sold a home in a sought-after neighborhood in "just 45 d...

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Mortgage Interest Demystified

For those of you who have never purchased a home before, the term "interest rate" can sometimes make your eyes glaze over. Not to worry! I'm here to explain what this portion of your monthly mortgage payment actually means. Your mortgage...

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Throwback Thursday

Shown here in 1931, the year that owner Mary Foote Henderson died, Henderson Castle stood at the corner of 16th Street and Florida Avenue Northwest. Click photo to see what it looks like now and click here to learn more about this estate's ...

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Pocket Listings: Good and Bad

When you come to me looking for a home, I'm going to give you a list of every property that might fit your needs, both Long and Foster listings and those with another broker. But there's one type of listing I can't necessarily show you: a...

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Cash is King

It is still a seller's market in the District and hungry buyers are hedging their bets with cash. Nearly one in five properties sold this year were paid for in cash. That's 19 percent of the 7,758 homes sold in DC since January. In many m...

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Client Spotlight

Michelle Crymes, SE DC's Fort Dupont Park Buyer who closed in September 2017. Michelle actually purchased one of Koki's recent flips. Send Koki an email if you are interested in investing on any future flip opportunities. Life in DC: I am an...

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Need 11 Bedrooms?

It's a bit strange to be reporting that there is an 11-bedroom rowhome on the market in Petworth for just under $700,000, but here we are. With some of the highest rents in the country, District homes are leased as group houses all the time...

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Not So Fast, Elon

The Boring Company's Elon Musk got a bit ahead of himself when he announced that he would be able to move forward with the high-speed commuter solution he's been working on. On July 20th, Musk Tweeted (above) that he had received "verbal [g...

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One and Done in Logan

Everything old is new again. You didn't think millennials invented tiny homes, did you? One-bedroom rowhouses are few and far between in the District, but they are often some of the oldest homes still standing. A one-bedroom in Logan Circle...

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Invented Neighborhoods

*Courtesy of Washington City Paper As District neighborhoods gain visibility in the real estate marketplace, often a distinct new name for the area emerges. In many cases, it seems to occur when a lesser-known neighborhood wants to be recogn...

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