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Invented Neighborhoods

*Courtesy of Washington City Paper

As District neighborhoods gain visibility in the real estate marketplace, often a distinct new name for the area emerges. In many cases, it seems to occur when a lesser-known neighborhood wants to be recognized as part of a more popular one (i.e. Hill East). Sometimes, it’s because an area wants to create its own identity, but mostly just to sound cool (i.e. NoMa). Check out these five new neighborhoods that have appeared out of thin air:

  • Twin Oaks has emerged just north of Columbia Heights and west of Petworth. Apparently, a staffer at CityPaper made up the name and has been pushing it since 2015. Well, the residents have finally embraced it and there is a Twitter account spouting neighborhood news.
  • North End Shaw, not to be confused with South End Shaw (Oh, wait. There is no South End Shaw), is located (you guessed it!) on the northern end of Shaw. It seems the developer JBG invented this one.
  • North Capitol was coined in a Washington Post real estate article and refers to the a stretch of North Capitol Street Northwest between New York and Rhode Island Avenues.
  • North District is actually south of the District in Crystal City. That’s in Virginia, folks. I don’t know about you, but that stinks of false advertising to me.
  • Finally, East End is Anacostia rebranded by the Mayor. In an effort to clean up the image of the collective neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River, Vincent Gray took to calling them the East End.