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Minim House: Hot New Trend?

The Minim House is a 212-square-foot home that won the Washingtonian Award of Excellence at the American Institute of Architects’ Washingtonian Awards back in 2015. The environmentally-friendly, tiny home uses solar panels and a rainwater treatment system to be able to operate almost entirely off the grid.

Recently, DC’s Vacant to Vibrant program auctioned off a slew of vacant properties in an effort to transform these spaces into more affordable housing for residents. The Students Construction Trades Foundation and the Department of Community and Housing Development (DCHD) have partnered to build a Minim House on a vacant lot in the 1100 block of 50th Place Northeast as an example of how these previously unused spaces could be transformed into vibrant tiny communities.

While no larger projects have been officially approved, it may be a step in the tiny home direction. Would you live in a tiny-home community?