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Not So Fast, Elon

The Boring Company’s Elon Musk got a bit ahead of himself when he announced that he would be able to move forward with the high-speed commuter solution he’s been working on. On July 20th, Musk Tweeted (above) that he had received “verbal [government] approval” for the project. However, Reed Cordish, White House tech advisor, admits only to “verbal government excitement.” Let me be the first to say how relieved I was to read that “verbal government excitement” referred only to the administration’s enthusiasm about the forward-thinking transportation proposal.

While it may make sense to wait until all involved parties are on board (pun intended), the Maryland Department of Transportation has offered Musk conditional approval for the project and a permit to start digging near Fort Meade. As always, I will keep you updated on this evolving story and let you know as soon as it is reasonable to start giving your friends in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore my number!