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What’s a Woonerf?

According to Wikipedia, “A woonerf (Dutch pronunciation: [??o?n?rf]) is a living street, as originally implemented in the Netherlands and in Flanders. Techniques include shared space, traffic calming, and low speed limits.” Why do you care what a woonerf is? Based upon information contained in a report by the Urban Land Institute, a woonerf has been proposed for a section of Eye St. in Chinatown.

The plans to revamp Chinatown Park include spaces for game tables for chess and table tennis, a plaza celebrating our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, a defined path that would act as a shortcut for pedestrians, and changes to a block of Eye Street that would mitigate traffic and open the area up to pedestrians and cyclists.

As with anything, this proposal will likely take some time to flush out and may go through a few changes on the way. I will keep you apprised of any progress on this exciting, new project!