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Where Are We Going?

Transportation innovators like Uber and Lyft have changed the game when it comes to how we move about this oddly-designed city. Some of us remember a time when taxis were the only available option and the fare was determined by how many mapped zones your driver would take you through on the way to your destination. Now, technology has opened us up to cars at the touch of a button with transparent pricing and a map of your trip.

Clearly a reflection of the population of our fair city on any given day, our Ubers end up all over the city at tourist destinations and local hot spots alike. The Washington Post compiled a list of the most frequently requested destinations in the city (excluding transportation hubs like the airports and Union Station):
Georgetown University.
MGM National Harbor.
Nationals Park.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Lincoln Memorial.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
National Air and Space Museum.
Capital One Arena.
Founding Farmers.
Washington Marriott Wardman Park.
Neither Georgetown University nor the MGM National Harbor are particularly Metro accessible which made them shoe-ins for this list and, for good reason, popular monuments were bound to make an appearance. What’s your favorite place to Uber?

Pro Tip: While we’re out looking at houses, pull out your phone and enter your favorite concert venue, restaurant, or watering hole into the transportation app you like to use to get an idea of how much the fare will be. When distracted by stainless steel appliances and walk-in closets, sometimes we forget to take our actual lives into consideration.